2 level sustain bridge (I like low action and keep a good sound at the same time)

bossa nova nijlon string

4 cra crafter TA 050

inspired by Martin slotted headstock

designed with input of Leonardo Amuedo

DSP1 my first accoustic amp design based upon some G&K information

crafter dsp1

Features : 10
Made in Korea around 2002. Solid state design (no valves). Designed for acoustic guitar. Output power 30 watts.
Two input channels piezo and active pick-ups. Microphone input. DSP effect processor. Effect loop send-return.
Earphone jack in the back side. Main voltage can be set 230/110 VAC. Case ofr solid wood, natural color. Black
metal shield grill in the front. Two 6,5" speakers and two separate tweeters. Compact size, easy to handle

Sound Quality : 9
Excellent sound quality for acoustic. Very quiet machine, no noise when plugged or unplugged. I use DSP1 with a
Garrison G20 acoustic customized with a fishman piezo transducer under saddle and just a euqlization preampli built-in.
DSP is really amazy. Gives me lot of high quality effects. Gain control is very effective, good attack control. Very good for
my styles Folk, bluegrass, country.
Sound quality no way inferior to Fender acoustasonic or Marshall AS50R and effects are much better.
On my opinion, even sacrify the compactness, 2 speakers of 8" could increase bass dynamics and make this ampli perfect.

Reliability : 10
I bought this machine second hand. Should be 5 year old. It's still working perfect. Body is somwhere skratched but solid
wood is very strong.
I found the electronic diagram in the web. I ask Crafter for a copy of owner manual and manifacturing year confirmation.
Not answer yet.

Overall Rating : 9
I'm playing from 40 years. I own fender strato 1990 and tele 1965, Framus strato deluxe 1968, fender acoustic malibu and
newporter garrison acoustic G20, various ampli including valve home made.
I choose this ampli looking for consistency and portability.

Product: Crafter DSP 1 Combo
Price Paid: 340 (euro)
Submitted 11/08/2004 at 09:34am by Victor

Features : 9
I Think the amp was made around 2003. It was original created in Europe by a team around Adrian Schackman from
Weerts Import/Export in Westzaan The Netherlands, now produced in korea. There is information about the amp on the
official crafter site. The amp,its an 30 watts acoustic amp has two input channels. One for low input guitars such as piezo,
and one for active pick-ups. there is also an microphone input. It has an DSP effect processor built in with several reverbs
and delay,s. there is also an extern effectloop and headphone input in the back. Also is there a switch between 230 volts and
110 volts. So it can be played all over the world. Its al made of beautiful wood and has a black metal grill to protect two 6,5 inch
speakers and two separate tweeters for extra crisp brilliants.

Sound Quality : 10
I was searching around a while for a good sounding acoustic amp when i met this little fellow. I have two different guitars to put in.
A Crafter CT-125 nylonstring in the low input channel. And in the active input channel i put in my Epiphone Joe Pass. Both the guitars
sound great. When you sellect the DSP reverb Arena you really got the sound of playing in a arena. Its really and amp that gives you a
wide colour of sounds. Before i was buying it, i try several Carsbro, Fenders and Laney,s acoustic one,s. But this amp have captured me
as a user, yes this is it. Flamenco, Blue grass, Jazz, Folk, it has it all inside. Its a wooden beauty made by Korean Craftmanship! If you are
looking for distortion, don,t buy this amp!

Reliability : 8
I just have it for 5 days, so i not really can give much respons on the reliability. But i really trust the Korean craftmanship. It has an D.I out to
connect it to other PA ore amp.This amp used M.E. technology, musical ear no nonsense. Because of the 5 day,s i give it an 8, but i can give itv a 9 too.

Customer Support : 9
The Crafter side gives you the good information about what you want, such as great produced guitars for a fare price.
Its there first amp, but i think they will go on further on the road to build amps. Weerts gives you the dealers in the Netherlands.
I have 1 year guaranty from Music Shop Vriese in Doetinchem The Netherlands and have so far good experience with them over several years.

Overall Rating : 9
In my opinion its a great amp for such a price, 340 euro,s only
If it where stolen i buy a new one.
I really in love with the sound and the looks of it.
I wish that it was possible too use more than one effect, than it was perfect. So i think the next one comes after this model will have this features in it.
Once again i trust the Korean craftsmanship. It shut be a shame if they don,t go further with building amps besides great guitars if i see what this baby can.

All drums designed by Adrian Schackmann in coop with the best drummers In the Netherlands
dc frontpage, l


The design of Elkhardt alto’s was inspired by Selmer mark Vl the best in the world.
Succesful sold in the country of the saxophone „France” By Mr. Gerard Garnier of Allgam
Elkhardt Alto

crafter story2

crafter story1

crafter test lite deel 2

Crafter test TE lite






thanks to Marcel Serierse drum support